Our View on Illegal Substances

“Our mission is to help people in need, offering hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and promoting personal responsibility.” This principle guides us in our decisions about our policy regarding the use of illegal substances.

In our approach to people in need, we must consider the responsibility to be “good stewards” of the resources that have been provided to us by caring Christians, who are friends of this ministry. We must balance this responsibility with our real desire to care for needy brothers and sisters in Fort Wayne, while at the same time not wasting these resources.

The use and addiction to illegal substances is unquestionably harmful to anyone’s life. The very price of acquiring intoxicating or mood altering drugs steals from a family’s ability to afford necessities. It is for assistance with these necessities that folks come to the Inasmuch ministry; so when individuals use illegal drugs, they are making themselves dependent on the assistance of others, including our ministry.  If we permit this, we are wasting resources that have been provided to us.

Additionally, the affect that drugs have upon someone’s life is not limited to expenses. Illegal drugs and addiction alter the mental attitude an individual has toward themselves and toward God. Addiction is a form of worshiping a false god. When a person directs such a significant part of their life to altering their view of the world in this way, he or she cannot understand the love that Jesus Christ has for him or her. It is this love that we promote through a personal relationship with Him.